Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not Just Kitchen Supplies

Here at Chello's Restaurant Supply we supply not only professional kitchens, restaurants, bars, and grills with blenders, china, silverware, glasses, and more (really, the list goes on and on), but we also supply the same to the everyday average joe. Vitamix blenders. Professional woks. Global and Dexter knives. Professional grade storage bins. Cutting boards of various sizes, materials, and colors. Serving trays. Stock pots of all sizes.

But did you know that we also carry cleaning supplies? Gloves, scrubbers, brushes, pre-rinse units, mops, brooms, strainers, and trash cans. And what we don't have we can order for you! Keep your kitchen (bar, grill, restaurant, home kitchen, etc) clean with us! Let us equip you with whatever you need for your kitchen AND make sure you have the tools to clean up after your cooking (and eating) adventures!

Visit us here in the store, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. Call us at 562.860.7072. Email us at And visit us on facebook!

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  1. I think that things such as gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. are often not thought about when getting the right restaurant supply for your restaurant. I'm glad you brought this point to light. Good post!